About Us

About Sterling Wood Floors.


Mark Atkin, the owner of Sterling Wood Floors has been working with wood most of my life. Beginning in the 1970s, I worked as an award winning, contract tree planter. I eventually worked doing just about everything there is to be done in the forest. I have also worked in wood mills, manufacturing high quality wood trim and construction lumber. I have worked in the building trade as a carpenter in new construction and major restorations.

I first began working with wood floors as an apprentice to several master installers of custom flooring., Installing floors came natural to me. I enjoyed the work and saw finished products as works of art. Sanding hardwood was extension of my natural desire to see wood returned to it’s natural beauty.

Later, I was recruited to work for a large professional flooring company and it did not take long to realize that my standards and expectations were much higher than average.

So I decided to get my own license to do the quality of work I inspire to. I take pride in the work I do and believe it shows. My farther taught me long ago to take pride in my work. One of my favorite sayings of his was, "Even if you’re digging a ditch, make it the best ditch you can dig.” I strived to be that way in any job or task I undertake. I look at every job I do and ask myself, “Is this the quality of work, I would except if I were the customer.” I believe this keeps my quality high and enjoying what I do makes the work very rewarding.