Oregon Wood Stair Treads and Risers Installed

stair treads and risers

Wood floors make a beautiful accent to your home , and if your home is two story having a wood staircase gives your home that elegant traditional look that only wood stairs can give.

Of course your wood staircase is a heavy traffic area so you want to make sure to maintain your treads and risers , not only for safety reasons but to keep that wood staircase looking beautiful !

Sterling Wood Floors has years of experiencing working with treads and risers in the state of Oregon.

We also offer repairs on worn out or damaged treads or we can install factory made new treads .

We can even custom build new treads and risers for you,  so let us take a look at your wood stair case and lets see what we can do to help restore or enhance it , give us a call today at 541-260-2279 .